What is Phenibut?

What is Phenibut?


Phenibut is a naturally derived nootropic supplement that is known to reduce anxiety, improve sleeping patterns and increase cognitive performance. Sometimes it is sold under the name Noofen and it is gotten from a neurotransmitter called GABA. Phenibut is designed to enhance mood and reduce stress. It is sometimes used by people who suffer from social anxiety or those who are depressed. In this guide, we will not only look at what Phenibut is, but its side effects and how you should use it correctly.




Dosage control is essential with a compound which is as strong as Phenibut. The right dosage ranges between 250 mg and 1000 mg although you need to start with a smaller dose so that your body can have time to adjust before it increases to the full amount. This compound has a longer half-life than other nootropics and the effects can last for one whole day. This is the reason you should not take more than one dosage in a day with at least four to six hours between follow up administrations. Phenibut is water soluble and the powder form can be mixed into juice or water for ingestion. Since the powder can taste sour, people prefer to cap their own pills after buying the powder. This is cost effective and convenient. Phenibut is also good for helping take the edge of stimulants, such as Adrafinil, Modafinil or Adderall. Piracetam also shows related. effects.


Side effects


One of the most interesting side effects of Phenibut is change in the normal dream pattern. This is caused by the increase in REM. This means that you will start to remember your dreams and be more vivid. This can be both good and bad. There are some users who have reported to have experienced nightmares on a daily basis when using phenibut. On the other hand, some people find their dreams to be better and it becomes more pleasant. More people report to sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to face their day.




The benefits of Phenibut fall into a few categories mainly cognitive, anxiolytic, neuroprotective and cardioprotective. As an anxiolytic, this supplements helps to reduce stress and anxiety that is caused from overactive neural processing. Anxiety results from not being able to turn off some communications between neurons. If you are constantly fixating on small details and you cannot quiet your thoughts, then the drug will help to reduce this overthinking. Most users report that this supplement makes them to be more composed, serene and less likely to be worried. Phenibut also works on reducing anxiety and shyness. This helps one to overcome some inhibitions.


Long term effects


One of the long term effects of Phenibut is ones tolerance on this drug. As one continuously uses it, their tolerance will increase which might require them to increase the dose eventually. The increase tolerance could affect dependence on Phenibut. This is the reason why it is essential to stop using it for a few days in order to reduce tolerance. Continuous intake of Phenibut will lead to slight numbness and pain in the limbs after hours of sleeping. Such incidents are rarely reported as the effects can be reduced by reducing dosage.


Short term effects


Every drug has their own negative and positive effects. For Phenibut, it provides both short and long term effects. One of the well-known short term effects is its ability to help people who suffer from stress because of different acitivites that involve their daily life. Generally, not only will the supplement provide psychological benefits but it will also add to their overall benefits in term of nootropic stacks by promoting sleep and reducing corticosteroids. It also fights off unwanted effects of stress by putting someone in a relaxed state of mind.




Phenibut has shown to display some cardioprotective effects that is linked with a number of threats to myocardium which reduces function reserves by creating a toxic effect on the functional activity or cardiac mitochondria. These threats include chronic renal insufficiency, alcohol abuse, chronic stress and other cuases of heart rhythm violations. Scientists have concluded that Phenibut results in high cardiac contraction and relaxation rates.




Phenibut was synthesized at Herzen Leningrad institute by professor Perekalins team and it was tested at the institute of experimental medicine. It is a mandated standard equipment in Russian medical kit. The use of modern tranquilizers for anxiety and stress makes patients to become drowsy which was deemed unacceptable for cosmonauts. It reduces the level of stress without affecting performance.




If looking to develop and anxiolytic stack, you need to consider stacking phenibut with other compounds that carry less tolerance like bacopa, magnesium and phosphytidyl serine. Consider the Neurochill formula that contains bacopa, inositol and phosphatidyl serine.


Final Thoughts on this


Phenibut is the best sleep and anxiety aid when it is used well. It is a required supplement to give a try if you are having problems with anxiety, stress or lack of sleep. It can be used strategically in a nootropic stack to help accommodate reduction of stress and sleep. You need to follow the tips above and use it with care. Just like any drug, make sure you get in touch with your medical practitioner before you start using it. Let them know if you have a history of alcohol or drug related abuse as it can have an effect on Phenibut. Do not forget to take the right dose too as an overdose should be avoided.

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