Top 5 Cognitive Enhancers

Top 5 Cognitive EnhancersWith the loss of memory and forgetfulness becoming more common as we get older, many will try different tricks in order to keep their minds working at the best of their ability for as long as they can. Some will try things such as brain hacking, using cognitive enhancers. Brain hacking is where people use simple tricks and techniques to enhance the performance of their body and mind. In broader terms, the whole goal of brain hacking is to strengthen brainpower in a array of areas such as memory, reasoning, mental fluidity, productivity, energy and mood.

If cognitive enhancers are something that you would be interested in trying, here are the Top 5 cognitive enhancers on the market right now.

  1. Noopept: This cognitive enhancer is thought to be the most effective and strongest supplements currently on the market. It is believed to have the capability to help strengthen memory, learning capacity, focus, and concentration. Different parts of the world are using this product as a treatment for more serious cognitive diseases and ailments. Noopept is a patented compound in both Russia and the U.S.  In Russia, it is considered to be have neuroprotective properties and is classified as a nootropic drug.
  2. Phenylpiracetam: This cognitive enhancer is believed to support memory and help those experiencing memory loss and having difficulty retaining knowledge. This product is thought to have the ability to enhance, elevate, and improve cognitive functions and abilities connected to and associated with the central nervous system, memory development and memory processes.
  3. Pramiracetam: This cognitive enhancer is believed to increase cognition, fight depression, and help treat some of the mental deficits caused by Alzheimer’s or other diseases like that.
  4. Oxiracetam: This cognitive enhancer is believed to help increase logical efficacy, concentration, memory, attentiveness and spatial adaptation.
  5. Aniracetam: This cognitive enhancer is believed to increase mental function, enhance cognition, and help those who suffer from anxiety.

Some so called “Body Hackers” believe that the proper combination of these cognitive enhancing supplements can improve your memory and cognitive function, but it’s really up to you to figure out what works best for your own body. Given the vast available research supporting Nootropics as cognitive enhancers, choosing the right supplement for your cognitive enhancing goals is easier than it was just a few years ago. We suggest starting with one of our Nootropics sampler packs. Our sampler supplement packs allow you to try each capsule for 20 days to get a feel for how each cognitive enhancer works for you. Once you get a feel for how each individual Nootropic works for your individual needs such as relaxation energy or anxiety; you can then purchase a larger quantity of the specific Nootropic for your needs. You may also find that creating a synergistic stack synergistic stack work best for maximizing the interaction between Nootropics that are complimentary with each other. Check out our Nootropic study archives for new research and updates.

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