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Adrafinil Capsules | 20 capsules | 300 mg |



Adrafinil Capsules | 300mg |20 Capsules


What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a wakefulness promoting nootropic and is similar to the popular prescription drug, Modafinil. When adrafinil capsules are consumed, they’re metabolized into Modafinil in the liver. Adrafinil was discovered in the late 1970’s in France by Louis Lafon Laboratories and has been used to combat the effects of narcolepsy and chronic fatigue. Adrafinil’s method of action is not yet fully understood, however, according to a thesis written on adrafinil there are 3 possible mechanisms of action that.

  1. a1-adrenergic receptor agonists
  2. Reduction of GABA in serotonergic pathways
  3. Increase levels of neuropeptide – orexin

Adrafinil capsules will serve as a stimulant without the harsh side effects associated with other stimulants. Since adrafinil is a pro-drug of modafinil you should expect to experience similar benefits. Many of our customers report adrafinil enhancing their mood and energy. Since adrafinil has stimulatory effects, this nootropic should be cycled to avoid building a tolerance.

Due to adrafainil being so similar to modafinil, its popularity amongst nootropic users is very high. In regards to legality, this nootropic isn’t regulated and therefore is not a controlled substance. On the other hand, this compound is considered a banned substance for athletes under the World Anti-Doping Agency as stimulatory compound.


Interesting Fact

In a paper tilted, Adrafinil: A Novel Vigilance Promoting Agent it was said that an individual had unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide by taking 45 tablets of modafinil. The dosages of these modafinil tablets were not specified. The purpose of this being shared was to indicate the safety behind a compound so closely related to adrafinil.


Adrafinil Dosage

Our adrafinil capsules are dosed at 300 milligrams per capsule.  Consuming adrafinil capsules should be done in the morning on an empty stomach to achieve maximum results and to help avoid a sleepless night. When consuming adrafinil capsules for the first time it is best to start off with only one capsule to get a feel for how your body reacts. Depending on how you react, you can then increase your dosage. However, it is known amongst the nootropic community to never exceed 1200 milligrams of adrafinil a day.

Keep in mind that not all users are the same and that dosage protocol is different for everyone. Some users report an instant effect, while some notice an effect after a few days. It is important to slowly increase your dosage to help avoid any negative side effects. Another thing that should be done when consuming adrafinil for the first time is to not compare it to any stimulant like substance that you have taken previously. This nootropic is unique its own way that will be hard to compare to a substance such as caffeine.


Adrafinil Side Effects

Common side effects of adrafinil are dry mouth, insomnia, and anxiety. These side effects appear mainly when taken improperly or with another stimulant. When consuming adrafinil with another stimulant such as caffeine, it will more than likely make you very anxious and give you a hard time falling asleep. The dry mouth side effect usually sets in when you become dehydrated. It is important to keep hydrated when consuming adrafinil.

Something to take into consideration when consuming adrafinil capsules is your liver. This compound is known to raise liver enzymes which can be very strenuous on your body. To help aid in this side effect, one could supplement some form of liver support while consuming adrafinil. When trying any new nootropic, you should always be aware of your body and pay extra attention to any possible side effect. If you feel that you’re healthy and you’re confident that you don’t have any preexisting liver issues then adrafinil should not be an issue at all.


*NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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