How to encapsulate your own nootropic supplement blends

DIY Nootropic Supplement Blend

There are easier ways to blend your nootropics but the easier ways produce less accurate results. This guide will serve anyone new to mixing bulk powders at home. I’ll simplify it as much as I can, using the basic materials and equipment. Feel free to comment on how to improve this process.

Things you will need to make your nootropic capsules:

  • 1. A capping device and empty gel caps. The two most popular capping devices are the “Cap-M-Quick” and “The Capsule Machine”. The cap-m-quick does 50 caps at a time but you have to manually join the caps by hand. The capsule machine only does 24 caps at a time but automatically joins them for you. Both of these devices can be purchased to use either size “0” or “00” caps (size “0” caps are smaller than size “00”).


  • 2. A milligram scale to weigh the powders you’ll be using to make your caps.


  • 3. The nootropic supplement that you plan on capping.


  • 4. A powdered filler that will be used to take up the space in the caps that the active compound doesn’t. Almost anything can be used as a filler, Protein Powder, Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Corn Starch, Flour, Creatine, Lactose, Glutamine, etc.

1. A mortar and pestle to thoroughly mix the active compound and filler together. Many compounding pharmacies use a mortar and pestle to mix their ingredients together for capping. Now that we have everything necessary to make our caps here’s how we do it. For the example below I’ll use the capsule machine to make 48 caps with 100mg of Phenylpiracetam (active compound) and Glutamine (filler, also the precursor to GABA – see what I did there?).

2. Load 24 empty caps into the capsule machine and then fill all 24 caps with Glutamine (tamping powder if final caps will be tamped).

3. Empty all the Glutamine out of the capsule machine and weigh it. Total weight = 17,160mg

4. Divide that weight (17,160 mg) by the number of capsules (24) to get the total weight per cap. 17,160 mg / 24 = 715mg a cap.

5. Repeat these steps with the Phenylpiracetam powder. Total weight = 11,760mg / 24 = 490 mg a cap.

Now we need to figure out the ratio of Phenylpiracetam to Glutamine.

  • 100mg Phenylpiracetam = Unknown mg of Glutamine
  • 490 mg Phenylpiracetam = 715 mg Glutamine
  • (100mg Phenylpiracetam x 715 mg Glutamine) / 490 mg Phenylpiracetam = 146 mg of Glutamine (this is the Unknown mg of Glutamine, and how much must be removed to make space for 100mg of Phenylpiracetam)
  • 715 mg Glutamine – 146 mg = 569 mg Glutamine (this is how much Glutamine to use per cap)
  • 569 mg Glutamine x 48 caps = 27,312mg Glutamine
  • 100mg Phenylpiracetam x 48 caps = 4800 mg Phenylpiracetam

So to make 48 100mg Phenylpiracetam caps we need 4800 mg of Phenylpiracetam powder and 27,312mg of Glutamine. This is where the simpler methods fail and give inaccurate results. Different compounds (like Phenylpiracetam and Glutamine) weigh different amounts for the same volume. If we had simply subtracted 100mg from the Glutamine we would not have had properly dosed caps, because to fit in 100 mg of Phenylpiracetam we needed to subtract 146 mg of Glutamine. Now that we know how much active compound and filler to use (Phenylpiracetam and Glutamine) we need to mix them together. To do this we’ll use a mortar and pestle with the geometric dilution method. What’s the geometric dilution method? It’s a method used when a small amount of powder needs to be thoroughly mixed with a larger amount of powder.

  • To do this you mix all of the smaller powder with an approximately equal amount of the larger powder, this blend is called “mix 1”.


  • Then combine all of your “mix 1” with an equal amount of the larger powder and blend again, this is “mix 2”. Keep going like this until all the powders have been mixed together. So we place all of the Phenylpiracetam powder (the smaller amount of the two different powders) in the mortar and add an equal amount of the Glutamine (approximately 4800 mg), then blend them together with the pestle for a couple of minutes.


  • This combination is our mix 1, and it is now 9600 mg (4800 mg Phenylpiracetam + 4800 mg Glutamine). After it’s been blended for a few minutes add an equal amount of Glutamine (9800mg) to your mix 1 and blend for a couple more minutes.


  • This combination is our mix 2 and is 19,200mg (9800 mg from mix 1 + 9800 mg Glutamine). After it’s been blended for a few minutes add the remaining Glutamine (12912 mg) to your mix 2 and blend for a couple more minutes.


Why go to this extra trouble? Because even though we know the amounts of Phenylpiracetam and Glutamine we’re using are dead on, our caps will not be dosed properly if the powders are not mixed together very thoroughly. Now we’re ready to make our caps. Hope this helps everybody.

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