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Anti-Aging Nootropics, what works vs. Modern day Snake Oil

In a seemingly endless selection of online drugs and glossy tv commercials, all promoting their product as the secret to anti-aging and youthful longevity, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and confused as to what products actually work. This article will give a layman’s perspective on what nootropics to look out for, the most potent drugs for improvement of mental and physical health, as well as the group of herbs and supplements on the market that you should regard as modern day snake oil (steer clear of these!). The bulk of these are nootropics that impact the brain, and a few are a group of new anti-aging compounds that are coming to our store within the next 30 days!


What are Anti-Aging Drugs

Fraudulent Anti-Aging Drugs to look out for include:

  • Bacopa Monnieri – A plant used in traditional Indian Medicine, is used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and to help many patients of the disorder with the ensuing depression and anxiety that often times comes with it. NOT a good anti-aging drug, if you actually want to FEEL something with the improvement of your mental and physical health, ignore this herb, the claims most vendors make about it are pure snake-oil nonsense, this drug will provide almost no benefit for someone looking for cognitive or physical improvement.
  • Aspergillus – An even worse anti-aging herb than Bacopa Monneiri, vendors selling this product will claim it to “boost memory and overall cognition” even comparing it to the likes of the movie “Limitless” for how it can improve clarity of thought. What it actually is is a type of fungal herb meant to improve immune function. Save your money instead of getting this anti-aging drug.
  • Artemisinin – While it is in a group of drugs that produce some of the most rapid action of all substances, Artmenisinin is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, and goes right along with Dave Asprey’s bulletproof coffee and Coconut Oil under brain power supplements that PLAIN HAVE NO EFFECT AT ALL. Not to mention…most of the time this stuff sells for 50 dollars a bottle+….YIKES, you could get a lot of Phenylpiracetam for that!
  • Deer Antler Extract – A supposed type of “natural steroid” if you’re looking for the real deal of SNAKE OIL look no further. The price is way too high, and something like Creatine or much better J


Now that you know….

Now that you know the type of unsafe flavicon 114x114and useless product on the market, I can explain the kinds of nootropics, herbal supplements, and physical health anti-aging boosters, that you’ll actually FEEL working within an hour of when you take it. Most of these are nootropics, brain enhancing drugs that improve memory, mood, focus, drive, motivation, and overall sense of well-being. Here’s the gist of it!


What actually works

                There are around 50 supplements in total that actually work. I’ll say that again, there are about 50 anti-aging supplements in total (most of which are for the brain) that actually work, this is not including bodybuilding supplements, prescription medications, etc. This is specifically with relevance to anti-aging products and brain enhancing supplements. This post will cover a dozen of the main ones, in order of potency……..


1 Phenylpiracetam – Phenylpiracetam is an extremely potent nootropic and goes by many names, including Carphedron and Phenotropil, it is the strongest anti-aging drug available for your brain, and in terms of studying, mood boosting and increasing your energy levels, Phenylpiracetam is compared to many psychostimulants as to how powerful its effects are.. For less than $1 per capsule, you can improve your vision, memory, mood and focus, and keep your mind young and sharp.

2 Adrafinil – Adrafinil is a much different nootropic than Phenylpiracetam, it’s much more about keeping you awake, energized and focused for long periods of time (fantastic for entrepreneurs and students) and less about improving your clarity of thought or memory. If you have a lot of information to cram in or an all-nighter to pull at your start-up, Adrafinil is the nootropic anti-aging drug for you.

3 Sunifiram – Sunifiram is a fantastic anti-aging drug for the brain in low doses. It provides an amazing mental boost in terms of clarity, mood, focus and vision, and can be an extremely euphoric and eye opening experience the first time you take this drug. As an ampakine nootropic, it is extremely potent and should be taken on an irregular basis. Noopept, another ampakine nootropic, provides much of the same, for anti-aging of the brain, take these in moderation to ramp up your cognitive prowess.

4 Noopept – See #3, Noopept has almost the exact same effects (only not as potent and with fewer side effects.) Nonetheless a great nootropic.

5 Tianeptine – A new addition to the anti-aging section of our nootropics store, Tianeptine has a mechanism of action very similar to an SSRI, and its effect on the brain’s serotonin receptors is specifically responsible for its mood boosting, euphoric, and concentration improving benefits. When you take a tianeptine, within an hour you will feel a significant mood uplift, an overall greater sense of well-being, and you will have more energy and vitality throughout the day. For anti-aging, it can keep people of all ages active and vigilant.

6 Sulbutiamine – Sulbutiamine is a nootropic drug of the “amine” family, which includes things like caffeine and amphetamines, and therefore bears a similar mechanism of action. Another new addition to the anti-aging section of our nootropics store, Sulbutiamine has been shown in clinical trials to help prevent alzheimers when used to learn rigorous subjects and continually challenge the mind (goes for the use of all nootropics). When you take a sulbutiamine you’ll feel effects similar to a low dose amphetamine, or effects on par with a megadose of caffeine (5 double expresso shots anyone?) minus all the jitters and unnecessary crash.

Galantamine – For clarity of thought, memory and general fluid intelligence, galantamine is as potent as it gets. Long-Term, galantamine is a great study tool, and is comparable to potent anti-aging drugs like memantine in terms of how it boosts memory and protects the brain against toxins. Galantamine’s most interesting effect though is how it can induce lucid dreams, a practice that has been proven to keep the brain young and intelligent for people of all ages!

Pramiracetam – Pramiracetam is the most potent of the original racetams, aside from its mental stimulation effects, it has a significant anti-aging effect on how the body reacts to stress. This nootropic can help lower anxiety levels and boost cardiovascular endurance in times of cold tolerance or high altitude exercise.

9 Oxiracetam – Oxiracetam is a very stimulating racetam, and is used in anti-aging practices as a way to stimulant the mind and accelerate learning. Forget crossword puzzles and brain games that never seem to work, stimulate your next study session with Oxiracetam and boost total recall and focus. Keeps the mind youthful when used to learn challenging subjects or meaningful work.

10 Aniracetam – Aniracetam is an ampakine nootropic and also one of the first nootropic drugs ever made. It has a mechanism of action that is not fully understood, yet helps with anti-aging by lowering anxiety, improving mood, and boosting focus for long periods of time, keeps your brain sharp and prevents brain fog for years after it has been taken on a regular basis.

11 Piracetam – The original nootropic, first developed in the 1960’s, the absolute best in terms of long term use, take for 3-6 weeks at increasing dosages for best mental results, helps restore the brain to a youthful state of mental functioning.

12 L-Theanine + Caffeine – A great nootropics stack for productivity and mental acuity. Caffeine is a fantastic stimulant, but it can come with its own branch of side effects, L-Theanine balances out its over stimulation, and allows for a smooth, mental buzz, a better pick me up then coffee alone.

13 Centrophenoxine – A specialized form of CDP Choline with a slightly different mechanism of action, centrophenoxine helps reduce headaches when taking racetams or ampakine nootropics, and overall helps make nootropics last much longer. Taken by itself, it has the significant anti-aging effect of oxygenating the brain and improving one’s clarity of thought.

New Anti-aging products coming to our store-replenish your mind and body!


                We have three new, very potent anti-aging drugs being introduced to our online store. These are tianeptine, centrophenoxine, and sulbutiamine. Tianeptine is the absolute best and most potent anti-aging drug for mood improvement, and has a significant anti-depressant effect. Typical dosages range from 10-15mg, and in megadoses, Tianeptine can provoke a significant euphoria (30mg and above). For anti-aging, it can provide the much needed boost in performance that brings you to that next level.

Centrophenoxine, one of the most unique and potent sources of choline available, while also boosting one’s overall mood, is much better in terms of long term brain health, and stabilizing one’s mind when taking other nootropics. When taking many anti-aging nootropics, use centrophenoxine as a base drug, providing your brain with the fuel that things like Ampakine and racetam nootropics, burn.

Sulbutiamine, while an anti-aging drug because of how it can rev up the power of the mind, is a very powerful stimulant, can have great euphoric benefits, and is fantastic at improving overall motivation. Check for it, coming soon to our nootropicscity store!

                                                                         Final Thoughts            

There’s an anti-aging drug for people of all ages to help improve your mind, body, and overall energy levels. Keep alert for brand new updates in our nootropics store, and be sure to watch for the new release of Tianeptine, Sulbutiamine, and Centrophenoxine!

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